TriLink Launches CleanAmp™ dNTPs for Hot Start PCR

SAN DIEGO (May 6, 2009) – TriLink BioTechnologies (TriLink), a leading provider of custom nucleic acid-based compounds, has launched a new Hot Start PCR reagent - CleanAmp™ dNTPs.

CleanAmp™ dNTPs offer a less expensive solution to improved hot start PCR results. Using CleanAmp™ dNTPs allows precise control at the start of PCR thermal cycling by blocking DNA polymerase nucleotide incorporation until heat activated. The temperature dependent control of DNA polymerase extension vastly reduces mis-priming, primer dimer formation and other common deleterious effects.

“We believe CleanAmp™ dNTPs will become the less expensive approach to high stringency PCR,” said Dr. Richard Hogrefe, CEO and President of TriLink. “TriLink now offers two unique hot start PCR solutions: CleanAmp™ dNTPs and CleanAmp™ Primers. The CleanAmp™ Primers will solve specific assay issues whereas CleanAmp™ dNTPs will be a more general solution. Either product will provide a very cost effective solution when compared to the modified enzymes available on the market.”

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About TriLink

TriLink BioTechnologies, Inc. manufactures custom oligonucleotides, nucleoside triphosphates and CleanAmp™ Products for research and diagnostic laboratories. In addition, custom chemistry, contract research services and GMP production facilities for oligos and small molecules are offered. TriLink's solutions help advance drug discovery and biomedical research. For more information visit or contact:

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