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Research Update

TriLink’s Top Products of 2015 and Predictions for 2016

In Jerry’s upcoming Zone in with Zon blog post, he discusses The Scientist’s “Top Biotech Innovations” from 2015 and shares his predictions for new technology that will have a big impact in 2016. This inspired us to write about TriLink’s top products of 2015 and our picks for 2016 too.

Custom mRNA: In 2015 the breadth and number of mRNA applications grew in an unprecedented manner and TriLink continues to be the leading manufacturer of commercially available mRNA. Our offerings and capabilities have continually outpaced the market due in part to our expertise in modified nucleic acid chemistries. We offer the widest selection of modified nucleotides and our years of mRNA experience have enabled us to offer products with unrivaled translational efficiencies. TriLink has also developed new proprietary multi-dimensional purification techniques and quantitative LC/MS assays ensuring you the highest quality mRNA available.

Modified Oligos: TriLink was founded on nucleic acid expertise and highly modified oligos have long been our focus. We offer an almost infinite number of modification combinations.  Don’t see the modification you need?  Our scientists are extremely skilled at successfully performing difficult custom chemistries and may be able to help. Be sure to check our Discovery Drawer for rare nucleosides, nucleotides and other small molecules and intermediates too.

CleanTag™ for Small RNA Library Prep: To great anticipation TriLink launched a Small RNA Library Preparation Kit in 2015. Small RNA sequencing has been handicapped by sensitivity and sample input problems resulting in low quality sequencing data. CleanTag effectively blocks the formation of process contaminants enabling ultra low sample inputs and increased sensitivity enabling more mappable reads.

Chemically modified adapters effectively block the formation of adapter dimer.

Cas9 mRNA: This one isn’t surprising. Science magazine named CRISPR/Cas9 the breakthrough technology of the year, with over 500 new publications in the last 6 months.  mRNA is a desirable method for delivery of the Cas9 protein because of its timely expression and natural degradation, which provides a superior safety profile and limits the chance for unwanted Cas9 activity.

Representative image of CRISPR/Cas9 system.

Reporter mRNA:  An experiment is only as good as its control, right? We suspect that this is why our line of reporter mRNA products are a top seller. Reporter mRNA is ideal for testing targeted delivery and transfection efficiency. TriLink offers several options for increased versatility including dye-labeled reporters.

New Products and trends in 2016

CleanCap™: This is a big one - TriLink is excited to announce a new technology for capping mRNA. Our unique combination of expertise in synthetic organic chemistry and pioneering knowledge in mRNA enabled us to invent a chemical solution for a biological problem – how to efficiently and cost effectively cap mRNA. CleanCap enables greater capping efficiency than ARCA and other chemical capping agents and beats the pricing of enzymatic methods. CleanCap has demonstrated efficiencies of greater than 94% with routine capping efficiencies above 97%. This process produces a natural CAP-1 product that has been proven to be important for in vivo work, plus it’s also able to produce CAP-0 mRNA if required. CleanCap is a chemist’s solution to a biological problem. Contact us for more details.

cGMP mRNA: Without a doubt mRNA is TriLink’s rising star. mRNA is hot and for good reason. mRNA expression is controlled and transient, resulting in a safety profile that exceeds previous DNA- and virus-based methods.   Multiple biopharma companies and research institutions have mRNA in clinical trials and outcomes are expected to be favorable. 

Modified Oligos: We have exciting new capabilities coming in 2016 that will enable synthesis of highly modified oligos at smaller scales with even higher purities, giving even more experimental flexibility to our customers. Additionally, we are launching a new web based ordering platform with a new interface enabling automated batch sequence uploading – stay tuned.

CleanTag™: CleanTag had an exciting introductory year that exceeded our expectations and goals. With application feedback from our customers we are launching a new, comprehensive small mRNA library preparation kit in 2016. The new CleanTag kit will contain all the major components for the ligation, RT and PCR steps enabling complete automation for increased throughput. You asked, we answered!

CleanAmp™ PCR Products: CleanAmp also had a big year and we anticipate even broader adoption in 2016. CleanAmp is proving to be an effective and versatile hot-start technology. Unlike standard hot starts, CleanAmp is a more sensitive and flexible technology with greater specificity. You’re no longer stuck using predefined hot-start enzymes, but can use the best DNA polymerase for your application. CleanAmp™ products have proven to be ideal for applications such as RT-PCR,multiplex PCR, digital PCR, fast PCR, end-point PCR and real-time PCR (including real-time RT-PCR and fast real-time PCR).

CleanAmp dNTPs
Chemically modified dNTPs and primers enable Hot Start PCR using standard or modified DNA polymerases.

What will you discover with TriLink products in 2016?

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